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Fully aware of what Flat Washers Manufacturers

Fully aware of what Flat Washers Manufacturers today’s Gen Y wants in their homes or offices, manufacturers are focused on delivering the best of technology that gives them the option of being environment friendly. Technology has stumbled upon the printing industry and has brought revolution in its machineries thus delivering quality printing much better than earlier it used to be and now on various materials. The flexographic rotary printing machine, slitting machine and roto printing machine are the results of technology evolution in the printing world.

The flexographic printing machines are considered the most advanced printing machines these days. Flexo printing machines are able to generate premium quality prints on polythene, polypropylene, aluminum foils, L.D., H.D., H.M., and P.V.C. The flexo printing machines are available with the color option as 2, 4, 6 and even 8. High quality flexographic rotary printing machine perform printing operation at very high speed and at optimum efficiency. Such machines are associated with good rolling power, fast changeovers, reliability and off course fine control.

Besides the flexographic printing machine the other option is the slitting machine. This slitting machine is integrated with digital web guide system, touch screen operator interface, laser core positioning system, automatic reel ejection system and differential winding system. All these advanced features fitted in the slitting machine enable the machine to minimize improper core alignment, lower the downtime of machine and increases the operating speed.

Rotogravure printing machine a part of modern printing machine is in high demand these days since the machine has the potential to deliver quality image and also the cost to run high volume of production is very low.

Rotogravure rotary printing machines are preferred in case of fine art because the machine normally transfers sufficient ink to paper, an exceptional to other printing processes. Rotary gravure printing machines are considered to be the fastest and widest presses in operational in current scenario, competent of printing more or less everything, from narrow labels to rolls of vinyl flooring. The leading manufacturers from Mumbai are equipped with Double Decker Rotogravure Rotary Printing Machine and Stack Type Rotogravure Rotary Printing Machine to meet the specific printing requirement of the customers.

Big Ben Machineries Corporation can offer you customized printing and packaging equipment to bring out the precision in quality printing. The company manufactures 2, 4, 6 and 8 colors flexographic rotary printing machine, slitting machine and rotogravure printing machine. Since it is a socially responsible company hence adheres to the environmental standard of the country while manufacturing any of its printing equipment.


The multi spectrum injection moulding with Hex Bolt Type Manufacturers

The multi spectrum injection moulding with Hex Bolt Type Manufacturers machines is utilized for creating or processing of entire types of plastic products. These are generated for utilizing high quality objects and are obtainable in different shapes and sizes. They provide the effortless to install and meet the international quality standards. These healthy machines need minimal maintenance.

Delivering the wide range of injection Molding Machine for the entire requirement of Plastic needs is a goal of top manufacturers. Owing to the top notch raw materials and high tech manufacturing ability through the innovative concepts, the injection molding machine firms reaches the familiarity within a short time. The clients various needs are effectively cared by the technicians of Plastic Injection Machine. The extreme plasticizing rate along with the excellent mixing and top output ratio, extreme injection rate, minimized injection pressure through limit switch are excellent features of the Plastic injection machines. The lengthy carriage stroke, lengthy injection stroke and spru breaking are delivered by the Plastic Injection Molding Machine. There is also facility to refilling while mould closing or opening and it is an excellent evidence for the comfort and convenient actions of the Plastic injection molding type.

The clamping offer the top quality direct hydraulic and huge platen region. Safety doors are inbuilt with the concepts and materials for the electrical safety and hydraulic security. The varied stroke ejector along with timer and slow fast slow execution assist the clients to obtain the required products within the deadline and budget.

The plastic injection machines deliver the exact solution to complete the requirement of Plastic bottles that are utilized for the unique needs of entire industries. General gears included in the Plastic injection machines are oil tank, hour meter, low flow space, shot counter, excellent aesthetic and sealed hyd. The top notch horizontal moulding machine is delivering the horizontal and vertical moulding machine. The opening and closing speeds deliver the different infinitely and the standard gears and heavy hard chrome plated inbuilt bars, independent injections controls and speed, energy consumption hydraulic circuit, hour meter and shot counter and so forth. The top notch temperature controls, dual guard security with hydraulic and electric system. Manual, automatic and Semi control form selector, heavy duty water cooler and so forth.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine firms deliver the innovative concepts owing to the experienced engineer’s team. They have the wealth of experience in Plastic Injection Molding Machine and hence they provide the cost effective plastic products within dead line. The cheap price and the multiplied exhibits are the innovative ideas of the Plastic Injection Machine ensure the quality products within a budget. Plastic Injection Machine provides the high temperature resistance, leak proof, odor free and varied colors. In addition, the typical neck sizes provide the excellent finishing along with the quality within a budget. The customer care service and the team of engineers deliver the excellent service for the customers. DAKUMAR is one of the leading injection machine Companies, focus on China plastic injection molding machine & equipments with supplying qualified Chinese molding machines, PET machine & servo injection machine etc.


This article will help an individual to Wholesale Hex Finished Nuts

This article will help an individual to Wholesale Hex Finished Nuts gain knowledge on Undercounter Ice Machine. This Ice Machines are also used commercially and in residents. Bluestone Appliance Undercounter Ice Machines not only expertise with the equipment but also have knowledge of several functioning institution like healthcare, hospitality hotels ,motels, restaurants, cafes, schools and governmental, religious and residential institutions. This unit dedicatedly tries and matches up with businesses and consumers by delivering proper equipmentin commercial and Residential Ice Machine. This company specialises is Ice machines but they have a smaller xafss of appliances used outdoor and refrigerators also. This company is refurbishing Ice makers over 6 years confidently. Therefore, there product carries a warranty. The corporate office is situated in New York. Warehouses are there across the country and these helps them to deliver the product within 5 business days in North America. The orders are mostly shipped within 24 hours and transportation time taken is between 1-5 days. After the shipment is picked up customers are tracked, therefore delivery could be planned with the customers accordingly. It is always advisable to browse and let the experts of the company assist the customers if they have any product related queries regarding Undercounter Ice Machines. Bluestone appliance ice-maker is a commercially certified Ice-maker. This product is certified by NSF.

Bluestone Appliance Ice Maker is designed and mass-produced in ways so that it meets highest standards of safety and operation. The Ice-Maker always meets and exceeds the safety and sanitation norms. These machines are individually tested and it gives a complete warranty of 90 days. Due to shipping and handling time to time damages are found. Scratches and dents are seen at the body of the ice maker. They may contain slight dents and scratches which are usually expected. Scratches are mostly seen at the back side of the machine. If the machine is build into a cabinet then the scratches and dents are not noticeable.

The price at which the machine is available is $1099. This price is for a fully functional 80lbs ice maker and bin. This bluestone ice-maker is used widely in household, bars, restaurants, superxafss etc. The shape of the ice which this unit produce is crystal clear gourmet bullet shaped. Each ice maker is accompanied by a bin for ice storage which is already insulated in it.

There are certain accessories which are given by the company at the time of installations they include pipes or hoses for drainage and were water can be fed. Ice scoops made of plastic is also available.

The warranty of the product of Undercounter Ice Machines is based on the usage of the product meaning how it is handled. Ice �maker durability is last longing if it is used in proper manner. The unit will have dents and scratches which are acceptable and warranty will not cover it. Warranty is based upon complete operation of the unit. Warranty will not cover the issues related to the physical condition.


Seamless steel tube China Self Drilling Screw

Who does not love Caribbean life? The carefree, no-worries attitude is so much better than the stressful city lifestyle where you are always pressured to earn money or to do something. When you settle in Belize, you will notice that you can just live your day-to-day life well without really overstressing yourself.

A seamless steel tube is made of a steel ingot or solid tube that is perforated into a capillary and then is made of hot rolled, cold rolled or cold.The specification of seamless steel tube is indicated by the outer diameter of the wall thickness millimeter.

Seamless steel tube China Self Drilling Screw and cold rolled (dial) seamless steel tube two kinds.Hot-rolled seamless steel tube general steel pipe, low and medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler tube, alloy steel, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, geological steel pipe and other steel pipe and so on.Cold-rolled (dial) seamless steel tube in addition to general steel tube, low medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler tube, alloy steel, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, steel pipe, other include carbon thin wall steel tube, alloy thin wall steel pipes, thin-walled stainless steel tube, steel tube.

Generally greater than 32 mm hot rolled seamless steel tube diameter, wall thickness 2.5 75 mm, to 6 mm cold rolled seamless steel tube diameter, the thickness of the wall thickness can reach 0.25 mm, to 5 mm thin wall pipe diameter thickness less than 0.25 mm, cold than hot rolled high dimensional accuracy.

As the name implies, the temperature of the rolling piece is high, so the deformation resistance is small, can realize the large deformation quantity.Take the rolling system of steel plate as an example, the thickness of the continuous casting billet is about 230mm, and the thickness is 1 ~ 20mm after roughing and rolling.At the same time, because the thickness of steel plate is smaller than small, the dimension accuracy requirement is relatively low, the plate type problem is not easy to appear, the control convexity is given priority to.For organizations have requirements, generally by controlled rolling cold, open rolling by control of the finishing temperature, finishing temperature and coiling temperature to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of strip steel.

General use ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe is made of 10, 20, 30, 35 and 45 high quality carbon steel guitar 16 mn, 5 MNV low alloy structural steel or 40 cr, 30 crmnsi, 45 mn2 and 40 MNB guitar made from hot rolled or cold rolled steel.The seamless pipe made by low carbon steel, such as 10 and 20, is mainly used for flow pipe.The seamless work of medium carbon steel such as 45 and 40Cr is used to make mechanical parts, such as car and tractor parts.Generally use seamless steel tube to ensure strength and pressure flat test.Hot rolled steel pipe in hot rolled state or heat treatment.Cold rolled with heat treatment.


Those cold winter days can Hex Finished Nuts Suppliers

Those cold winter days can Hex Finished Nuts Suppliers sometimes be very difficult to get through. One way to warm you and your family members up is to drink a cup of rich hot chocolate. It's very easy to make yourself as long as you have the right ingredients. Here are a few simple tips on making a great cup of hot chocolate.

Those cold winter days can sometimes be very difficult to get through. One way to warm you and your family members up is to drink a cup of rich hot chocolate. It's very easy to make yourself as long as you have the right ingredients. Here are a few simple tips on making a great cup of hot chocolate.

The first thing you will need is some real chocolate. It isn't the same as hot cocoa mix that you buy at the grocery store. The particular type of chocolate you use will obviously affect the taste significantly, and you can use white, dark, or milk chocolate depending on the taste you're going for. Be aware that if you buy standard unsweetened chocolate, your hot chocolate will taste very bitter. You would have to add sugar to it to make it taste a bit better.

After getting your chocolate together, you will need to cut it up using a chopping board. The smaller the pieces of chocolate, the easier it will be to melt them later, so try to chop them as finely as you can. Using a serrated knife will make things easier. Also, chocolate can easily absorb odors which will also affect the taste of your hot chocolate. Therefore, make sure the cutting board you use has been thoroughly cleaned.

You will need to use some type of liquid to dilute the chocolate. Some people use plain water, but milk is a good option too. If you want your hot chocolate to have a rich flavor, then milk is the way to go. There are other ways to add flavor to your hot chocolate too.

You can add spices or herbs such as thyme, ginger, cinnamon, and basil. While melting the chocolate, add the spices or herbs into the mix too. The longer you allow everything to steep together, the more flavor you'll taste later.

After all of your ingredients have been added, combine them together in a pot using a whisk. It is best to use medium-heat when melting the chocolate. It can easily burn if the heat is up too high. If it starts getting too hot, then take the pan off of the stove for a minute or two until it cools down a bit. Make sure that you keep stirring while the chocolate is melting. Melt it thoroughly so no small pieces end up in your mug.


Improves body’s digestion and elimination

Paleo raw food diet is plant based. Cooking foods above approximately 116 degrees F destroys foods enzymes. Enzymes are actually foods life force and aids in digestion and food absorption in the body.Raw foods are actually unprocessed as well as uncooked plant foods: fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, as well as seaweed. When foods are cooked above approximately 116 degrees F foods natural enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes aids in the digestion and absorption in the body's digestion system. Cooking foods is actually believed to reduce the nutritional value of food.Importance of Enzymes:Recognized as "Life-Force" as well as "Energy" of foods.Enzymes assist in digestion, absorption and elimination of foods.thread rod Manufacturers
Cooked food diminishes foods enzymes. Or cooked foods are actually enzyme-less. Not granting the body the maximum nutritional utilization. Enzyme-less cooked foods the body’s pancreas compensates by producing digestive enzymes. Cooked food can over work or stress the pancreas demand for production of digestive enzymes. Conversely raw plants naturally have digestive enzymes reducing demands on pancreasVegetable and Fruits Low Glycemic IndexGlycemic Index measures carbohydrates levels and effect carbohydrates break down glucose in the bloodstream. Low glycemic foods produce a small fluctuation in blood glucose and insulin.
Conversely, high glycemic foods rapidly spike glucose levels. The pancreas has to secrete more insulin to bring blood levels to normal. Foods high in glycemic index and cooked foods can over stress the pancreas.Vegetable and fruits have low sugar and starch contents. Enzymes Perks:- Weight loss- Weight upkeep (maintaining desired weight)- Vegetables and Fruits are fibrous. Improves body’s digestion and elimination.- Raised stamina. High water content in vegetables and fruit increases cell energy. - Lessens} risk of heart diseases. Raw food (vegetables and fruits) diets possess less or no trans-fats well as less or no saturated fats. Flax seeds, almonds olive oils have unsaturated fats.
Low in sodium (vegetable and fruit low sodium lessens water retention)- Lower cholesterol as well as triglyceride (sugar in blood) concentrations.Organic Foods:It is actually suggested for raw food eating. Organic foods are not grown with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or other toxic chemical harmful to your health and wellness. Recommended to eat organic as versus to conventional food however is it actually it 100 % practical? For raw food dieters totally dining only raw organic food might possibly nots suit their life-style. For that reason, for some their raw food diets maybe a mixture of organic as well as conventional.Paleo Raw Food Diet is gluten, dairy, soy as well as preservative free.Chipboard Screw Manufacturers
Foods Allowed in Paleo Diet- Fresh Vegetables- Fresh Fruits- Seeds- Nuts- Dried Fruits and Vegetables- Seaweed- Unprocessed food stuffs- Raw organic plants- Natural SpicesRaw vegetables and fruits have several health benefits. Vegetable and fruits are macronutrients with a multiple amount of vitamins and minerals. Raw foods have nature digestive enzymes and tend to be low in sugar and starches. Trends reflect people are eating less cooked foods and opting for salads meals one or two times a day.

Once there is a weakness in any joint

The play-offsare always tense, with some big countries battling to make it to the World Cup,including Sweden, Portugal and France. The World Cup Qualifying groups are always tense near the end, with England needingto beat Poland to guarantee top spot and send Ukraine into the play-offs,something they did with a decisive 2-0 win over Poland.There wereno major upsets on the night, with the Scotland victory not impacting onCroatia reaching the play-off games. From an England perspective there were no injuryconcerns during the match which will make a lot of club teams very happy as thePremier League reconvenes this weekend.Injuries infootball are a major concern for both club and country, with both Sturridge andTownsend doubts for the qualifiers following recent injuries.Hex bolt Manufacturers
If you considerthe current Premier League Injuries in Football List then is already fairlyextensive with over seventy players currently out of action, with Arsenalhaving nine players out.Most importantly,there are a wide range of injuries in football including both joint and muscleissues, from a twisted ankle to an ACL injury to a groin strain. Each type ofinjury can vary in its severity and as a result, the length of recovery periodrequired and the rehabilitation prescribed. In this article we will focus onsome of the minor injuries in football including a twisted ankle and mildmuscle strains.
Managing a Twisted AnkleA twistedankle is one of the most common forms of ankle injury, occurring as a result ofthe ankle joint rolling beyond its normal range of motion. This can happen whenyou slip on the ice, falling from a kerb, landing awkwardly from a jump or catchingyour foot in the turf on the football pitch. Regardless of how it happens atwisted ankle causes damage to the ligaments within the joint.Ligamentsare the tough bands tissue connecting bones within a joint and are responsiblefor offer a person stability, essential in the ankle joint in being able to applyweight to the joint and be able move freely. The more serious the ligamentdamage the longer the recovery period will be.A twistedankle is largely self-limiting and requires a few days of rest without applyweight to the joint. Following an injury to any joint it becomes a lot weakerand should you decide not to rest, then there is an increased risk of furtherinjury leading to an even longer spell on the sidelines.
Whilst a twisted anklemay be very painful you can use ice to help manage the inflammation and pain.From afootballing perspective there is little chance a player can continue a matchfollowing a twisted ankle and a substitution is inevitable to allow treatmentto commence immediately. During recovery a player may opt to wear an ankle support which is designed to offer support to the joint giving greatstability during movement.Handling a Hamstring InjuryA hamstringinjury can vary in its severity, from something which will put a player out ofaction for a couple of weeks to something ending their season should surgery berequired. The injury happens as a result of tear to the tendons at the back ofthe thigh and common among sports where running is required.thread rod Manufacturers
The hamstringsare tendons at the back of the thigh connecting the thigh muscle to the boneand are active when performing any activity requiring the knee to bend. A gradeone tear of the hamstring is considered minor and can take anything up to a coupleof weeks to repair. The majority of muscle based injuries are self-limiting andfollowing a period of rest you will be ready to get back in training.In moreserious tears of the tendon there can be inflammation and swelling, for whichice is recommended. For a complete rupture of the muscle surgery may be requiredto stitch the muscle back together.Once there is a weakness in any joint or muscle then there will be an increasedprobability of further injury in the future.
Players will typically pay specialattention to muscle or joint strengthening exercises and may even use sportsbraces for additional support during training and even during a match.Whilst atwisted ankle or a grade one hamstring tear are somewhat minor compared to someof the other injuries in football they still require a period of time out of action to recover. Everyteam needs to have its best players on the field and work hard to ensure aninjured player receives the best treatment to have the best chance of a fullrecovery. Outside of professional football, should you suffer from an injuryand are unsure as to its severity then you should seek clinical advice for aprofessional diagnosis.

Anyone who has ever worked with me

Anyone who has ever worked with me personally or in my group training knows I am about accountability.  So one of the things I am having my clients do this month is to make a huge effort to make fitness a priority.  To do this, I am asking all of them to put their workouts down as an appointment in their calendar.Why would I ask them to do this?Simple.  I deal with powerful and busy people.  And they are constantly being pulled in different 20 directions.Board meetingsCarpoolAfter school activitiesFamily obligationsBusiness trips, etc.What often gets left off? 
Exercise.If you schedule exercise into your week at the beginning of each month, you will see that you are less likely to miss your training.Think I am nuts?  Let me give you an example.I have one client that changes the way she fills in her Blackberry calendar.  Instead of "exercise" or "training", she writes "MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY".In this woman's world if she does not get her workout in she feels sluggish, out of sorts, and is normally cranky (her words) if she misses a workout.She tells the story of how someone was looking over her shoulder one day.  The nosy mom said "Why don't we schedule a breakfast meeting for our book club?"My client said, "Sure when would you like to meet?" fastener Manufacturers
As the busybody woman looked at my client's Blackberry calendar, she was shocked to see that this woman needed therapy 5 days a week.  She must have thought she was truly out of her mind and clearly stayed away from scheduling the meeting anywhere around the appointment.This worked wonders in two ways: 1) She was able to get her workout in and 2) Now she even had time to get cleaned up after her training.  Nice!I have had other clients use similar tactics when scheduling their workouts:Cardiologist - This reminds him that he has heart issues and if he misses his appointment, he will spend his time in a waiting room instead of a weight room.Blind Date - One of my clients was a young single woman who had just lost 70 lbs. Wholesale Chipboard Screw
She used this as a motivator to keep her from putting the weight back on so that she would never need to go on another blind date again.Plastic Surgeon - This was another client's way of saying she always wanted to look vibrant.  She was deathly afraid of needles and never wanted to go under the knife for surgery.  A little vain, but it works for her!Accountant - Some people consider me an accountant.  I keep them accountable and it is easy to say I need to meet with my accountant and people would never think of making you miss an appointment with the tax man.For now, get your calendar or planner and schedule in your workouts for this month.  AND don't miss any of them.  I promise you won't regret it at the end of the month.

A glass window will look ungainly

Spring cleaning has been a colloquial interpretation to most family managers. Not just it is finished following winter but it now implies a thorough cleaning of the house. Thorough cleaning would not be able to be wiped or clearing earth just. It would mean redesigning, settling, and reworking of some parts of the house. Entryway, windows, and outside dividers are parts of the house where soil aggregates the most. At times, cleaning apart from everyone else is not enough. A necessity for replacement is quite recognized. Windows being a root of ventilation from the outside should be well kept. Consistent cleaning is demanded to protract its lifespan. In cases wherein replacement is presently required, you should be learned of the unexpected home window replacement ready in the business sector. There are no plotted gauges in the matter of deciding on a home window replacement. The choice method hinges on your inclination. In any case in the event that it's your first time trading a window, here are some best equipped polishes assembled from different homeowners: Whatever how magnificent a window is, in the event that it should not straighten with the style of the house, it won't fit.
A glass window will look ungainly in a nation style home at the same time; a wooden window will look odd in a present day home. It's not consistently reliant on your taste. You need to think about how it'll look like. All the more depending on if you have allocated a huge measure for your home window replacement, you should be mindful of the numerous plan B ready in the business. Stylishness or strength is not consistently pricey. All you require is a shrewd decision of materials and suppliers. Look into and ask where to get the most fit bargains. Since you're into making, you are connecting able to that ability in supplanting your windows as well. Open your workstation and scan for numerous DIY tips. Who knows, the product you safeguarded can purchase a just took the ribbon off new apparatus. (Window Replacement Expenses) We all prefer our house to stand the tests of time.
One thing to achieve this is to have strong and heightened gauge parts. Your windows should be tough enough to stand winter, spring, summer, and fall. Particularly in the event that you are getting a unreasonable home window replacement, you need to get your coin's worth so verify your windows will final. Never level the value and sturdiness with the cost. Since you prefer light and wind to drop in the house on a greater level, decide on windows with more extensive openings. Since you're touchy to light, pick windows that have humble openings. You are able to place the unified with the greater opening in your lounge room while the modest ones in the bunk. In the event that you have toddlers at home and your present windows are produced from glass, it is prescribed to reinstate them with wooden windows or something that should not effectively break. Toddlers are particularly perky; they could decimate your windows.See:Hex Finished Nuts Manufacturers

The same principle applies to the Bible

II Timothy 4, verses 6,7: "For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:"I was a soldier in the United States Army for many years. During my time as a soldier, I experienced many things, learned much about people (yes, soldiers are people; we tend to forget they are some mother's and father's child), and completed much training. I remember basic training and how tough it was, physically and mentally. This training had to be completed before one could go on to the next training. We learned offensive and defensive tactics, teamwork, respect for authority, and much more. We had to abide by our Army Regulations, the set of rules and instructions that govern the operation of the Army.Two of the things that stick in my mind are the End of Term of Service (ETS) and the Date Eligible to Return from Overseas(DEROS) dates. I knew that unless I reenlisted or extended my service obligation, my ETS would come at a certain date, and I would be released from my duty as a soldier. While serving overseas, I knew that at a certain date, my DEROS would come and I could go back home.
All soldiers knew these dates (sometimes as our dates approached, we would go around yelling SHORT) and looked forward to completing their obligations.The Bible, the "regulation" of the Christian, states that we are constantly in a spiritual warfare. The Word of God equips soldiers in God's army to fight the spiritual battles that are encountered. Sometimes, we need to be on the offensive, and sometimes, we need to be on the defensive. That is why Paul tells us in I Timothy, 2.15 "Study to shew thyself approved of God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." The Army Regulations I mentioned earlier did not apply to me until I joined the Army. Once I joined, I had to read, study, absorb and abide by these regulations. The same principle applies to the Bible. Once I joined God's army, the Bible became my regulation. Daily, I read it, study it, and apply what I have learned.In Ecclesiastes, Chapter Three, verse one, the LORD tells us, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:" There is coming an hour, day, year that our ETS on this earth will arrive. When that day comes, God will send his angels (Luke 16, verse 22), and carry us home to Heaven. Our battles will be over; the victory will be won.
Until our ETS date, we will have other dates similar to the DEROS date I referred to earlier. These dates will be events in our lives that changes the course of our lives and gives us new seasons. Events sometimes come suddenly, the unexpected illness, financial losses, family problems, and sometimes we know they are coming. But, remember, there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. That is why the LORD tells us in Psalm 37, trust in him and lean not unto our own understanding. Praise Him who controls the times and the seasons!The Apostle Paul knew his time was coming. He was so close to Jesus, and his faith was so great, that the LORD gave him many revelations. These revelations caused Paul to be battle worn, to be tired and weary. What a day for him, when the LORD revealed unto him his work was finished! Paul suffered much, yet the LORD was with him. What He has done for others, He will do for you.Soldiers of God, keep on the firing line! Jesus has never lost a battle, and He will send deliverance. "A time to be born, and a time to die, a time of war, and a time of peace."Hebrews 6.15 "And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise."Irvin L. Rozier, Captain (Ret) US Army, See:Flat Washer Factory

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